How do I purchase a subscription?

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Learn how to purchase a subscription for Scripter's Rift using RiftCoins or through authorized Resellers.

I. Purchasing with RiftCoins

If you're interested in purchasing a subscription directly from the store using RiftCoins, we recommend reading our article on "How do I purchase RiftCoins".

  1. Visit the Scripter's Rift store.
  2. Choose your game: Select the desired game from the available options.
  3. Select a subscription package: Pick a package that suits your preferences.
  4. The game is now added to your account.

II. Purchasing through Resellers

For a comprehensive list of all authorized Resellers, please visit our forums. There, you will find the complete lineup of Resellers offering a variety of payment methods for purchasing a subscription.

  1. Explore Reseller options: Discover authorized Resellers offering various payment methods. You can find a list
  2. Select a Reseller: Choose a Reseller that supports your preferred payment method (PayPal, Credit Card, etc.).
  3. Follow Reseller's instructions: Visit the Reseller's website and follow their instructions to purchase a subscription.

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